Skyline rooftop bar, Hilton Molino Stucky, Venice


Hospitality & Leisure, Food


Società Grand Hotel Molino Stucky Hilton – Venice


Hilton Molino Stucky Venice
Giudecca, 810, 30133
Venezia, Italia


Marzo 2014


Space configuration and design

Total surface

380 sqm.


Paolo Lucchetta


Maddalena Gallamini


Interior Design concept

Photos by

Marco Zanta

An exceptional area: two terraces separated by a central structure with a bar and a DJ set. In the sky over Venice can be found the truly over-the-top rooftop bar of the Molino Stucky, rising
between the eastern light which shines on the landscape of the lagoon and the ancient city, and the western sunset on the skyline of the post-industrial port and contemporary city.

“The sky over Venice” is the unique, unrepeatable and fascinating experience offered to the guests of the Molino Stucky, hosted in an incomparable industrial archeology excellently revitalized by Hilton.

The main design intention is expressed by decorating the area under the sky with contemporary materials, which are nevertheless vehicles of feelings and memories. For example, the floor con-sists of wider sized, non-glazed porcelain stoneware tiles. Its gunmetal color and elegance reminds the domes of the churches of Venice. The innovative decorating processes simulate the traces of the stratifications of the past with light marks that help creating new identities.

The neutral color of the floors and vertical surfaces perfectly matches with the factory’s brick walls, with the silvery Venetian sky and its reflections on the lagoon.

The choice of the design elements in this exceptional location is deliberately narrative, as it recalls the stories and the meetings between civilizations and people that helped founding the myth of the city. “Migration stories” could actually be the title of the selection of furniture, carpets and objects that mingle styles and materials, typologies and colors of the location. The main attempt is to blend the glorious past and the great present of Venice, which has always played an essential role with its being at the same time “so global, so local”.

The selected products belong to the collections of con-temporary quality design brands such as Moroso, Arper, Tribu, Paola Lenti, Gervasoni, Pet Lamp.
The layout has been thought to be easily changed during the day and quickly adaptable to different types of happenings. The furnishings have been carefully chosen in order to shape to the different types of social events (lunches, dinners, meetings, concerts) through sessions of different heights and ergonomics, linked by a style research that always focuses on the guests and their unforgetta-ble experience of being in “the sky over Venice”.

In addition to the Skyline rooftop bar, in Hilton Molino Stucky we also took care of the Bacaromi contemporary bacaro → and the Aromi Restaurant →

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