Aromi Restaurant, Hilton Molino Stucky, Venice


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Società Grand Hotel Molino StuckyHilton – Venice


Hilton Molino Stucky Venice
Giudecca, 810, 30133
Venice, Italy


April 2014


Space configuration and design


Paolo Lucchetta


Maddalena Gallamini


Interior Design concept

A blue space dedicated to Venice, the city of water

During the America’s Cup 2012, the famous yachtsman Paul Cayard described the charm of sailing in Venice comparing it to the uniqueness of the excitement of the Formula One in Monaco.
To these emotions is dedicated the project of the Aromi restaurant, a sea level blue space. It is divided on two feelings: the one within the walls of the Molino Stucky, and the outer space one, on the Fondamenta della Giudecca, where boats and sunsets can be admired on the beautiful background of Venice, the city of water par excellence.

It is a special and unique kind of blue, defined as an intense and contemporary ink blue, with cherished glazes from the Oikos collection. The guests are hosted in the industrial archeology of the Hilton Molino Stucky, whose original brick walls and concrete resin flooring restore the authentic statement and the deep sense of this extraordinary place.

The main design intention is expressed precisely by defining the blue color that leads back to the excitement of sailing in the lagoon of Venice. The use of lighting concepts and contemporary materials is although selected in order to bring back feelings and memories, combining past and present in a remarkable experience.

The location is strongly characterized by a Wine Library, a collection of wines and wine labels to be read and enjoyed, where the Prosecco excellence is undoubtedly predominant. Every bottle is perfectly preserved at the different temperatures recommended by their qualities and provenances, in order to intensify and enhance their distinctive properties.
The wine tasting takes place around an extremely special table, from Riva 1920 production, realized by reusing the briccolas of the Venetian lagoon.

The blue walls are decorated with artistic photos concerning the sea, sailing and wind, and with hulls and objects selected by Gilberto Penzo, keen sailor and renowned collector of local boats.
The tables, furnishings and lamps constitute the typical stylistic elements of modern yachting, mingled with the impressive collections of avant-garde constitute the typical stylistic elements of modern yachting, mingled with the impressive collections of avant-garde design such as Autoban chairs and Gubi tables.

The outdoor furniture instead is by Gandia Blasco brand, already supplier of the America’s Cup in Valencia 2007.
The lighting design is particularly accurate, enriched with selected contrasts that illuminate the tasting areas with the aim of making the guests feel at the core of a quality dining experience in an elegant and charming place.

In this marvelous location, harmonized in its relationship with an exceptional context, the choice of design elements is deliberately narrative, in order to recall the stories of meetings, navigation and naval tradition, the foundations of the myth of the city of Venice.
The layout has been designed to maintain this unforgettable experience unique and exclusive.

The furnishings were selected considering both the environmental and sound quality. Every detail has been well-finished in a style research that focuses on the guests, in order to make them feel at the core of an awesome and incomparable experience in “the city of Venice, the Monte Carlo of sailing”.

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