Film per Rinascente Roma firmato da Paolo Sorrentino: “Piccole avventure romane”


Written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino
October 2018

“Little Adventure in Rome”
Movie written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino
A night walk to discover a deserted and mysterious Rome that reaches its peak in the Rinascente of Via del Tritone. This is the idea from which the Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino started, and who signed the short movie “Piccole Avventure Romane”. A new piece in the mosaic of a new and at the same time spectacular Rome. Six minutes made unforgettable by Sorrentino’s unmistakable mastery and which confirm the role of Rinascente, for 100 years at the forefront of enhancing Italian and international art in all its forms.

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La scrittura e il progetto
press – Intervento di Paolo Lucchetta