Ferutdin Zakirov showroom, Milan


Fashion & Beauty


Effezeta Retail Developments srl


Via San Pietro all’Orto
Milan, Italy


May 2016


Space configuration and design

Gross surface area

230 sqm.


Paolo Lucchetta


Maddalena Gallamini
Michele Marchiori


Interior Design concept

Photos by

Marco Zanta

Ferutdin Zakirov is a brand with a Uzbek passport but an Italian soul.
The project of the new showroom in Via San Pietro all’Orto in Milan tries to interpret the originality of a new entry in the Italian sartorial universe.
The space consists of an area of 230 square meters dedicated to “knowing how to dress” and is spread over two levels, with a side of front windows that is one of the most emblematic in the fashion district, with an entrance and a main window on Via San Pietro all’Orto and with three windows on the arcades of Corso Matteotti.

The windows are a single glass panel of considerable size with a height of 4 meters, framed by elegant and essential burnished brass profiles. The Brand identity is expressed in the elegantly shaped logo, applied on external blinds and on the windows, with burnished brass letters. The shop signs are made of backlit carved letters.

All interior architecture choices are aimed at maintaining the right balance between easy accessibility and adequate privacy and refined elegance of the interior spaces starting from a wide and transparent staircase covered, in its lower part, in Black Gold marble, iconic material of the FZ style, already used on other occasions to represent the quality of the choices.

The refinement and the obsessive research of materials and details guides the sartorial and wearability choices as guided those of building finishes with the aim of creating and communicating the image of an Italian sartorial laboratory designed with experience and culture.
The layout spread on two levels presents the most innovative proposals and accessories on the ground floor and the collections, the reception areas and services for customers, including fitting and tailoring changes areas, on the basement.

The space dedicated to the Bespoke Room is particularly carefully designed and inspired by the London tailors of Savile Row: a large atelier designed to immerse the customer in the culture of knowing how to dress.
The main materials used are the walnut floors in five different shades, herringbone-laid in the Italian way. On the walls there is a painting of a color defined Sophisticated Blue, applied with a technique of crossed stripes that resembles the effect of a texture.

The finishes of the furnishings are in burnished brass, Canaletto walnut with shelves and trays in sand-colored and havana leather, inspired by the leather upholstery used for the original Chesterfield sofas, selected for the seats of the Bespoke Room and for the spaces of relationship.
The lighting project is the soul of the concept of the spaces; a light integrated with the furniture with a temperature color adequate to the correct perception of the quality of the fabrics and finishes harmonizes with the light of the environment with techniques inspired by theatrical scenographies and sized with sophisticated technologies for planning and control of the scenarios.

The choice is, as often happens in the interiors, the most significant architectural element of the project. In this case, the intent was to make the space permeable on the ground floor, reducing the perception of the staircase to a cut in the floor and instead building a Black Gold marble casing in the basement with individually LED illuminated stairs.
A project consisting of ingredients rich in memories, quotations and nostalgia linked to the particular biography of Ferutdin Zakirov, complemented by cutting-edge technological solutions to represent the will to produce in every detail a quality at the service of a refined and evolved customer.
A space with an international passport but an Italian soul.

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