Vocal notes


Author: Paolo Lucchetta
Published in VeneziaNews – n.243-244 (special edition), May 2020, column “:arte”
Language: Italian/English

Communication at the time of a pandemic means social media. Only a few, though, can turn this borderless world into poetry. To enter the life of another, to spy every detail is a habit for many, a daily exercise we don’t think much of.

And then there’s Fabrizio Plessi in Plessi. Progetti del mondo: 44 cities – a minute each, at 7pm on Instagram, from May 1 to June 14 – that inspired 44 pieces of art by Plessi, who never fails to amaze us for his ability to conquer a media such as Instagram with the lightness that belongs to those who can see beyond. Plessi’s is a planet-wide tour made of images, words, and sounds compounded in an idea that is limited in time and unlimited in fantasy.

The book that inspired this art adventured is also titled Progetti del mondo (by Gérard A. Goodrow). The book has been digitally republished with the addition of music by Michael Nyman and the narrating voice of Fabrizio Plessi. The result, a revolutionary, meta-modern travel notebook, a way to use Instagram by breaking up images into natural and mental landscapes, interpretations of emotional geography where details complete the physical space of moments of life.

Plessi opens his suitcase to reveal memories, travels, encounters, cultures, and makes a synthesis with his firm, mature voice, so full of enchantment and enthusiasm. There is no self-celebratory intent, here; Fabrizio Plessi shares with us his notebook of ideas and every destination is just another stopover of the perennial source of inspiration we call life. The cities listed (Rome, Venice, Bombay, Naples, Paris…) are a source of light, and each is narrated by osmosis.

Writing is included in art to add to its aesthetic, words expand beyond the written text, and descriptions are loaded with the creative force of thought.

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