A delicate intervention and subtle material references to the Serenissima for an extraordinary place.


Arts & Culture


Lineadacqua Edizioni Eventi, Venice


Scuola Grande di San Rocco, Venice, Italy


May 2019


Space configuration and design


Paolo Lucchetta


Michele Marchiori
Filippo Gambarotto


Interior Design concept

Photos by

Marco Zanta

The design of Scuola Grande di San Rocco’s bookshop first of all seeks a reinterpretation of the space that minimizes the presence of furniture for books and other memorabilia related to the visit to the building.
The elements are inserted ad hoc between the architectural partitions.
Only one material is used: the Cansiglio beech in solid blocks of considerable thickness, cut and assembled to allow display solutions and with refined integrated lighting solutions.

The natural light-colored beech that recalls the pink veins of the pilasters has been selected because was used as the raw material of many artifacts of the Serenissima Republic (musical instruments, oars of Venetian boats…) and for its symbolic youth to underline the meaning of school survival and of future generations who will look after it.

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